Technopolis Ülemiste opened a unique office hotel

The first hotel designed specially for office work opened doors in Ülemiste City. The hotel’s main advantage is its flexibility – its customers can work even at night and, if necessary, change office premises to a room suitable for leisure in a switch. The new office hotel has a total of 225 sqm of floor space which includes nine private rooms, a shared leisure area, a kitchen and a fully equipped meeting room.

“Linking work and leisure during implementation of a project is a popular idea in business districts worldwide,” said Gert Jostov, Chairman of the Management Board of Technopolis Ülemiste AS. “It often helps to save time and increase work efficiency.”

“For fulfilling specific tasks, companies often need to fly in talents from another country, for instance. After arrival, these people need accommodation that is not too far from the head office, but also enables them to do some work there,” explained Jostov. “Essentially, the office hotel is a two-in-one package, solving the need for both temporary office space and accommodation.”

According to Tanel Olek, Sales Manager of Technopolis Ülemiste AS, the idea to develop office space that would be available 24/7 and also include leisure facilities came from the tenants of Ülemiste City themselves. “Our tenants include a large number of international IT enterprises and startups which often don’t follow the nine-to-five worktime routine. For them, an office hotel is a practical possibility to provide their employees with very flexible worktime,” explained Olek.

Gert Jostov added that the line between working and leisure time is getting blurrier. “The trend is towards focusing more on the actual nature of work. Today, everybody has a smartphone in their pocket which means that they can make business calls and send or receive office e-mails at all times. Therefore, it is practically impossible to measure when the actual working time ends,” explained Gert Jostov. “At the same time I have also been in an office where it’s entirely natural to take a half-hour nap on the coach. It’s seen as a good way to focus and generate better ideas. Such an approach is not yet suitable in all jobs, but in the future, office employees will be able to plan their own working time so that they can perform better.”

The office hotel of Ülemiste City is located at Lõõtsa 5, on the third floor of the office building named after Bernhard Schmidt. The office hotel’s is divided into various zones depending on specific needs: premises for work that requires total focus, meeting rooms and chatting areas.

The office hotel has a total of nine private office rooms that are equipped with functional office furniture. If necessary, the office space can be converted into a leisure room in a switch. All rooms have a TV and high-speed Internet access.

There is also a shared convenient leisure area with couches, a kitchen, showers, toilets and a conference room equipped with top-level presentation equipment.



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