Technopolis Ülemiste invests 18 million in construction of new office building and multi-storey parking house

Technopolis Ülemiste AS, the developer of Ülemiste City business district near Tallinn Airport, will invest 13.6 million euros in the construction of a new 13-storey office building and 4.2 million in the construction of a new multi-storey parking house. Both are scheduled to be completed by mid-2018.

“The purpose of the investments is to contribute to innovative business premises and improving the general environment of the district at the same time,” said Gert Jostov. “Our biggest development project this year will be the construction of the office building at Lõõtsa 12, which will add ca 10,000 m2 of new office premises to Ülemiste City in less than two years. Similar to our last commercial building, we’ll be applying for a LEED GOLD certificate – which is the highest certificate issued to buildings for environmental sustainability – for the new one as well.”

Construction of the multi-storey parking house, which will be 12,000 m2 in size and have spaces for ca 430 cars, will start at the same time. The parking house will be built at Lõõtsa 11.

“The parking house’s scheduled for completion just before construction of the office building ends, so that there’ll already be room for more vehicles,” Jostov explained. “But we also want to continue making the centre of the district greener and more pedestrian-friendly. Multi-storey parking houses are one way of reducing traffic volumes on the streets. The section of tram tracks that will connect Tallinn Airport, Ülemiste City and the city centre will also be completed by mid-2018, which will make the use of public transport more convenient.”

The investments will be launched once the building permits have been received.