Viktor Palm Office Building

Ülemiste City’s newest office building – the Viktor Palm Building will be completed, along with the city plaza and large parking house, in spring 2020.

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The Viktor Palm Building, located in Ülemiste City on the corner of Suur-Sõjamäe and Lõõtsa Streets, is an important landmark for all visitors to the campus coming from the city centre.

Large glass surfaces spiralling up the exterior accentuate this 12-storey office building’s outstanding façade. The heart of the building comprises a high ground floor housing the lobby, reception desk, and catering and retail areas. The 529-space parking garage is accessible through the connecting gallery at the east side of the building.

To the south of the building lies an urban plaza with flags, a fountain and seating areas, where various events can be organised in the future.

The building’s architectural solutions were designed by KOKO Architects.

The carefully selected interior develops the right atmosphere and boosts workers’ creativity, efficiency and performance. Tenants in the Viktor Palm Office Building can design their space themselves, but we have also developed three standard interior design packages:

> Fluid Flow

> Geometric Lines

> Fashionably stacked Blocks

Each package includes: floor coverings, modular walls, high interior doors, toilets, electrical solutions and kitchen equipment including appliances.

We also offer a workplace design service that allows you to design your office and furniture arrangements by zone according to employees’ work profiles.

The Viktor Palm Building is located on the western side of the plot at Lõõtsa 1a, on the corner of Suur-Sõjamäe and Lõõtsa Streets. The building is oriented in north-south direction, with its length facing Lõõtsa Street. The building’s main entrance is to the south, where the planned urban city park will also be located.

Parking and access

We offer a well-functioning parking system together with real-time display of vacant spaces in both the open-air parking lots and the covered garages. The Viktor Palm Building will be served by the 529-space parking house located alongside it and connected by a gallery. It will also house safe parking for bicycles.

Ülemiste City is served by buses no. 7, 15, 45, 49 and 65. In addition, a tram stop for line no. 4 is located on the campus. The Ülemiste railway station and Tallinn Airport are both located within about 500 metres of the Viktor Palm Building.

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Food and drink

Ülemiste City has numerous dining options with varied menu selections ranging from street food through to fine dining. Here, you can find a cosy café, the best Asian noodle restaurant in town, and an authentic selection of Italian pizzas. Even on the busiest working days, you can find seating in Estonia’s largest lunchtime restaurant, or you can instead grab something from the kiosk, food shop, or even the wine store.

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We have created a comprehensive working environment for our companies and we offer additional business services that guarantee smooth work 24/7.

We want to improve the quality of life of the people that work here with services that make daily tasks easier, that help out in both work and private life, and ensure peace of mind for users.

Our campus has a kindergarten, school, and college. A health centre and a dentist. A sports club with a pool, a beauty salon and hairdressers. Everything you need to feel good.

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Going to work can also be fun! Do you agree? We do our best to ensure that it is fun to work at Ülemiste City. Concerts, seasonal celebrations, live broadcasts of local events, exhibitions, seminars and workshops.

We have designed the events that take place on our campus in such a way as to bring together people and companies. Feel free to come in and take part in our events and meet your neighbours and us. Valuable information and new ideas are guaranteed!

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Floor plans

One office / Floors 4-12 / 1022 m²

office space

Two offices / Floors 4-12 / 507 m², 512 m²

office space

Four offices / Floors 4-12 / ca 250 m²


One office / Floor 3 / 516 m²


Two offices / Floor 3 / 255 m², 260 m²


One office / Floor 2 / 478 m²


Two offices / Floor 2 / 239 m²


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